Windsor Spitfire Ben Johnson, who just signed a three year contract with the New Jersey Devils, will stand trial in the coming months.

Johnson is accused of sexual assault stemming from an incident in March 2013.

He will appear in Superior Court in August. The trial is expected to start a year after that.

Patrick Ducharme is Johnson's lawyer. Ducharme told CBC News his client, who lives in Michigan with his family, is only allowed back into Canada for court dates, meetings with Ducharme or official hockey games.

Otherwise, he has to seek permission to return.

Ducharme said his client "...seems to be holding up well."

"I think everybody who is charged with something always has a fear that just the allegation alone has a certain stigmatization that goes with it," said Ducharme. "I'm sure (Ben Johnson) concerns himself with that. I'm sure he concerns himself with the possibility that a conviction has a possible adverse effect on his professional career."

Ducharme said he will try to schedule the trial so it doesn't "infringe" on the dates Johnson plays hockey, but that court appointments come first.

Johnson will also appear in Ontario Court in June for another sexual assault charge.

"It probably weighs on him like it does on anyone else," said Ducharme.