Windsor had its fair share of odd newsmakers in 2012.

Stories originating from "the Earth's rectum" included a "dangerous" three-pound Chihuahua, a baby born in a coffee shop and an alleged thief accused of swallowing a massive diamond.

Looking back, in the order in which they occurred, here are some of the strangest stories of the year.


Squirrels eat 10,000 tulips in Windsor

Hungry and resourceful squirrels ate nearly 10,000 tulip bulbs planted at Jackson Park.

The city typically plants 20,000 bulbs at Jackson Park. Squirrels ate almost half of them during the mild winter, according to the city.

The weather prevented the ground from freezing and with the scarcity of nut trees in the park the squirrels gorged themselves on tulips.


Baby born in Tim Hortons bathroom

A woman gave birth to a baby girl in a Windsor Tim Hortons on May 8.

Shireen Anderson pulled up to the coffee shop at 275 Tecumseh Rd. W. mid-morning. She abandoned her car when she could not find parking and didn't immediately realize the pain was due to contractions.

"Next thing I know I'm on the middle of the floor having a child," she said. "It was very shocking."

Two employees soon found themselves in charge of a makeshift maternity ward labour.

Judy Glenn and her manager Aaron Hayes helped deliver baby Azauria at roughly 11:15 a.m. ET.

The child, who is Anderson's second daughter, named, Auzuria,weighed in at seven pounds 14 ounces. She caught her mother off guard by arriving a week before her May 15 due date.

Within hours of the birth, the baby had several nicknames, including sugar, cookie and Timbit, named after the icon coffee shop's donut hole.

A day after the birth, Tim Hortons agreed to give Auzuria free Timbits for life.


Man allegedly swallows $20K diamond

Police in Windsor, Ont., spent much of May on a disgusting stakeout. They were waiting for a man accused of stealing and swallowing a $20,000 diamond to have a bowel movement.

The 52-year-old man allegedly swallowed the diamond on May 10 when he realized a sharp jewellery salesperson and police were on to him at Precision Jewellers.

After being arrested, the man was kept in a special cell, without a toilet, while officers monitored and combed through his every bowel movement. the man was given food of his choice to keep his bowel movements regular.

On May 18, he expelled a cubic zirconia. A day later, police said he expelled the 1.7-carat, $20,000 gem.

Richard Mackenzie Matthews, 52, was charged with theft over $5,000 and breach of probation.


Tiny, 3-lb Chihuahua labelled 'dangerous dog'

A Chihuahua that can easily fit inside a purse was designated a dangerous dog after a letter carrier in Windsor claims it bit her on an ankle.

The designation means the owner is required to muzzle Molly, which weighs three pounds, and display a dangerous dog warning sign on the property because officials say "it's a danger to society."

Mitzie and Jason Scott, who own the dog, said the designation is a joke.

"We have to warn people upon coming onto our premise that we have a vicious dog on site," Mitzie Scott said.

The City of Windsor also forced the couple to purchase a $1-million insurance policy on the Chihuahua.


50 Shades of Grey blamed for baby boom

In November, David Musyj, the CEO of a Windsor Regional Hospital, speculated that a spike in birth rates in the Rose City was linked to the popular erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

Musyj said the hospital delivered 80 babies in six days — that’s 30 per cent more than delivered in an average week.

"When this book came out, everyone said ‘just wait it’s coming,’" he said of the increased birth rate.

The erotic novel was released in January.

A sexuality professor said he could be right while a demographer remained cautious.

Human sexuality professor Robin Milhausen said more people are having sex and some of that has to do with the book — even if women don’t agree with the type of sex, writing style or character development presented in the book.

"The material is arousing that is likely going to arouse the reader," she said. "Many women respond to the book and don’t even know it. It’s leading to more sex."

However, a leading Canadian demographer, though, cautioned about jumping to conclusions.

"Unless someone does a specific analysis it’s hard to say," said Doug Norris, chief demographer of Environics Analytics. "It’s possible there’s an effect like that. It would be pretty hard to detect."


Comedian Stephen Colbert attacks Windsor, again

In his new book, America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t, U.S. comedian Stephen Colbert takes what politicians called "a cheap shot" at Windsor.

In a chapter about green energy, Colbert writes:

"Before we can harness geothermal power, we have to take the planet’s temperature with a geothermometer. And I have no idea where the Earth’s rectum is!"

A footnote at the bottom of the page simply reads "Windsor, Canada."

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis responded to the insult by saying, "There are many Windsors in Canada. So it could be

Windsor, Nova Scotia, Windsor, Quebec, Windsor, Newfoundland. But with regards to Colbert, it's just Colbert being Colbert.

Like I've said before, I don't even think he's been through the city."

Francis went on to say that Colbert was just a comedian trying to sell books and get a few laughs.

A day later, Colbert, dragged Winnipeg and the CBC into his attack routine.

On his satirical Comedy Central late-night show The Colbert Report, Colbert took aim at Ontario's City of Roses in his "Who’s Attacking Me Now?" segment, saying he's in the "crosshairs of the Canadian media" — which drew loud boos from the live audience.

Colbert said his description "could be a net positive for Windsor."

He then referenced a CBC online question that asked Wednesday: "Is Stephen Colbert's description of Windsor as 'the Earth's rectum' good or bad for the city?"

At the time of the show's taping, 1,800 people had cast their online votes on The number doubled almost immediately after Colbert showed a screen grab of the survey.

"Apparently the Earth’s rectum is an improvement over Windsor’s previous reputation," Colbert said. "So you’re welcome Windsor. You just got the Colbert bump."

Five years ago, Colbert called Windsor, Ont., "the worst place on Earth" during his Word segment on The Colbert Report.