Construction in Windsor's downtown core has forced the annual Summer Fest midway to move out of the area.

The $60-million stormwater retention basin project on Riverside Drive and the construction of the $2-million stage for Riverfront Festival Plaza prevent the June festival from being staged in its usual spot, said Summer Fest's organizer, the Windsor Parade Corporation.

The June 16 to July 4 festival will instead move to the WFCU Centre on McHugh Street.

The east-end centre has the necessary hydro , parking and space needed to host the festival, said Walt Metulynsky, Windsor's manager of leisure outreach services.

"Thinking of other places we could put it downtown, that footprint just didn't match," he said.

Local business owners, however, are worried the move could spell bad news for the city's downtown.

"Being a new business owner, it would have been nice to have all those daytime sales from all the families, because we are a restaurant and pub during the day," said Dan Spada, co-owner of the Loose Goose restaurant on Ouellette Avenue.

"So it's kind of disappointing that we're not going to be able to get that."

Chris Edwards of the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association said the move is a blow to nearby restaurants and stores.

"Our big concern is once an event leaves, they tend not to come back," Edwards said.

There is no word yet on if the midway will return to the downtown area in 2011.