Windsor residents driving to Devonshire Mall had better pay attention.

Windsor Police say the 3100 block of Howard Avenue "consistently" sees more accidents than any other stretch of road or intersection in the city.

Windsor Police Sgt. Mike Kelly said the area sees a heavy volume of commuter traffic.

"They’re generally in a hurry. That’s always the problem," Kelly said. "Put a few extra minutes into your day."

Kelly said the area rarely sees serious injury accidents and that winter is the busiest time of year.

"Generally speaking the summertime is actually the least. There’s less of a hurried atmosphere going on," Kelly said.

The second-highest number of accidents occurs at Lauzon Parkway and Tecumseh Road East, where there are multiple lanes of traffic crossing one another — six lanes in every direction.

"It’s about volume. And it’s about people not paying attention," Kelly said.

Denny Nalkranian owns Abraham’s Jewellers at Lauzon and Tecumseh.  He said people nearly double the 60 km/hr speed limits in the area and rush to beat amber lights.

"It’s all year round. Slow down. Pay attention. Especially with an intersection like this," Nalkranian said.

Ahmad Hassoun is a cab driver of 12 years. He has his own problem areas.

"Wyandotte and Dougall is the most dangerous," Hassoun said of the spot where he’s been rear-ended.

Like Kelly, he said people’s attention is one of the biggest problems.

"You have to look far ahead. Don’t play with your radio or equipment," Hassoun said.

Windsor's three most accident prone areas.