Pot enthusiasts weathered Thursday's rain for Windsor's first 4/20 celebration, which rolled out Thursday afternoon at Charles Clark Square.

Some residents set up early in the afternoon, dishing up marijuana treats like pot brownies and red velvet cupcakes for the international pro-cannabis rally held around the world. 

Heavy rains hit the region minutes after the 4:20 p.m. mark, forcing dozens of attendees to huddle under tents set up throughout the square.

Before the rally, Windsor police warned those who attended that pot is still illegal and the laws would be enforced. For the most part, officers looked on from police headquarters, but several made appearances at the square. 


Jackie Rivest brought a host of cannabis products to sell, including topicals, edibles and infused oils for baking and medical treatment.

The rally is an important day to celebrate for Rivest, who makes her products for people with medical marijuana prescriptions.

"I hope to get my access across to more patients and help them out," she said.

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