Windsor's diversity committee has cancelled another meeting this year, which has some officials questioning how serious the city is about ethnic issues. 

The committee was formed earlier this year and has only met once, and has cancelled or rescheduled three other meetings. 

"To not have had a meeting since February hardly makes summer an excuse for not having meetings," said Howard McCurdy, a former MP who used to represent what was then known as the Windsor-Walkerville riding. 

"It's not that there's little to do, it's that little has been done," said McCurdy. "Something needs to be done by the city council and the mayor to re-activate and reinvigorate this committee." 

Deputy Clerk Steve Vlachodimos said matching up schedules during the summer months is difficult. 

"It got appointed three years into the term of council as opposed to the other committees appointed the first year," said Vlachodimos. 

"We have had other committees. The bicycling committee has had a quorum issue. It's usually one or two. It's not the fault of the committee members. They're all passionate. we all want to tap into that expertise."

Vlachodimos also added that rescheduling is normal for a new committee, and that the city takes diversity issues seriously. 

Diversity is reflected in terms of the work being pursued," said Vlachodimos. "The council takes it seriously as do the members on the committee, it's an important committee it's not going away."

But, McCurdy thinks more could be done. 

"It's certainly clear that life for minorities is better than it was 20, 30 years ago," he said. "That is a personal observation, if that's real, the committee could happily report on that. It should be doing, something." 

The city has rescheduled the diversity committee meeting to mid-September, but for long-time activists such as McCurdy say that's a little too late to act.