Adventure Bay, Windsor's new indoor water park, opens to the public Saturday morning.

Work crews are putting the finishing touches on the water park.

It was supposed to open right after Christmas, but there were issues with getting safety certificates for a couple of the attractions. Weather delayed inspections because officials had to come from Toronto.

Don Sadler, the project manager, expects opening day to be fairly busy.

"There's been a lot of expectation and interest shown over the last two or three months where people are really excited about getting in here," Sadler said.

Mayor Eddie Francis is one of those who is excited.

He's been told that it's the largest municipally-owned and operated indoor water park.

Francis predicts people will be blown away by what they see and experience:

"The designers and the architects of the facility are the same ones that have great experience across North America and globally, really, as it relates to themed water parks," Francis said.

Sadler calls it a "first-class complex" that will be around for a long time:

"I would bet it'll stay in operation for years and years and years. You might want to upgrade the water park to get new features," Sadler said.

The entire downtown aquatic centre, including the competitive swimming and diving section, cost $78 million to build.

Daily admission to the water park will be $10 to $15 for adults and $7 to $10 for children.

Non-residents of Windsor will have to pay an extra $5 apiece. 

"It has many attractions that I think will have great appeal  to people of all age groups," Francis said. "So we were very careful in the planning of the facility to make sure it was a family attraction."

An official grand opening will be held later in the year.

Waterpark map

A map of the layout of Adventure Bay water park. (Courtesy City of Windsor)