Public say they want washrooms to be open longer and better lighting.

Windsor city council has been presented with 48 recommendations on how to invest in the riverfront.

It stems from a year's worth of public consultations by three companies, including Bezaire and Associates. 

Paul Bezaire, who works for the company, outlined some of the top requests.

"They want more washrooms, they want them better kept and they want them open longer," Bezaire said of the public.

"As well there was lighting that was required from security as well as for aesthetic purposes, but they also wanted lighting that was energy-efficient and didn't cause light pollution into their surrounding neighbourhoods."

Bezaire said  city staff also had some suggestions. 

"There was also a recommendation to look at the design of the festival plaza and the festival plaza stage because although that facility is being well used it's not done, it's not complete," he explained.

"So the idea is to figure out what's required to complete that project and to get the ball rolling in that regard."

In addition to the recommendations, council will also look into the possibility of a kite park and additional art carts.