Windsor residents want more warning before a storm

Residents in Windsor are concerned they aren't warned in time before storms approach.

Residents say they want more warning when a storm is expected so they can better prepare

Residents want more warning to prepare for storms like the one the region experienced Tuesday. (Bonnie McCarl Buckley)

Residents in Windsor are concerned they aren't warned in time before storms approach.

Willhemina Price gets her weather warnings off her weather alert radio, but she says the city should install a series of sirens to warn everyone when severe weather is on the way.

"They should have them at least so everybody in the surrounding area would be alerted to it," she said.

Amherstburg has sirens to warn of fallout from FERMI 2, a nuclear generating station, and Mayor Wayne Hurst says it works well for severe weather too.

"A couple of weeks ago, we were told there was a weather coming into Amherstburg," he said. "Our chief took the initiative and tried the sirens and put them on and people really understood exactly what it was about."

But, Phil Berthiaume, the county emergency planner, said sirens would cost the city millions, and wouldn't necessarily be effective.

He suggests downloading apps for your computer or smart phone from services such as Environment Canada to alert you to severe weather.

But, Price said those options aren't always affordable. "Not everybody has a cell phone. I don't have a cell phone. I don't even use a computer," she said.

Berthiaume said people sleeping in the middle of the night with windows closed won't likely hear a siren, and not everyone wants one close to their home.

He said  therea are also questions about the cost, and if they go off too often, they'll be igored.

According to Berthiaume, the county and city always look at ways to establish the best warning system and they are always trying to improve the system.


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