Affected patients want to move on and the province wants more oversight after a provincial standing committee concluded a cancer drug mix up that affected 1,200 patients led back to a company called Medbuy, national group purchasing organization.

"This was an incident that opened our eyes, I think all of us, to some gaps," said Ontario's health minister Deb Matthews.

Of the 1,200 patients, a quarter of them are located in Windsor, including Kate Warner.

"Well, I'm very pleased, because I always figured they were to blame," said Warner.    

The report found that Medbuy failed to do the job when arranging the contract with Marchese Health Care, the company that provided the drug mixtures.

The report cited Medbuy for not making it clear that the final product had to be a specific drug concentration.

In the end, the patients were given treatment over diluted by three to 20 per cent, according to Cancer Care Ontario.

Now that the wheels are in motion to make sure something like this doesn't happen again, Warner is ready to move on.

"It doesn't do any good to hold that kind of fear inside," she said.

This is the second report addressing the issue.

Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj addressed both reports.

"Windsor Regional Hospital deeply regrets that these events occurred and has apologized to the patients and families," he said. "We continue to address, one on one, the concerns of each of the patients and/or families impacted."

He also said the hospital have implemented many recommendations.