Thousands of pieces of Windsor Raceway will be auctioned off Tuesday.

Adam Storey of Storey Auctions will be the auctioneer. He and staff at his auction company has spent the last two months painstakingly cataloging and cleaning every item up for sale.

Items include a diesel generator, a front-end loader, a grader and three starter cars. There's also restaurant equipment and a lot of office furniture.

There are also lots of racing memorabilia, including posters, jockey uniforms and horse blankets.

"I found in the old woodworking shop, an iron stamped Windsor Raceway, heated iron to tag the horses with," Storey said.

Even raceway president Pat Souillere's desk is up for auction.

"It's with mixed feelings that here we are," Soulliere said.

Soulliere says despite the fire sale, there is still hope that something positive will happen with the racetrack in the future.

"I think there's a lot of work to do, I think there's a lot of unanswered questions still," he said.

When the Ontario government killed the slots at racetracks program in 2012, it marked the end of Windsor Raceway.

"It dates back to a time of entertainment that's completely different from today, and it kind of symbolizes the idea that maybe that industry of the horse racing is dying," Storey said.

The auction begins at 10 a.m. at Windsor Raceway and online at

As for the building and land, CBC News asked raceway Soulliere what will become of them.

"As far as the land and the buildings and so forth, we're just going to keep them. We're going to keep still. We have no plans at this point, other than keeping the infrastructure here, and you never know what could happen in the future," he said.