Windsor Public Library drafting bedbug policy

The Windsor Public Library is drafting bedbug policy after the insects were twice found inside the central downtown branch.
Acting CEO Chris Woodrow says bedbugs in libraries is not unique to Windsor. (Courtesy Orkin)

Acting Windsor Public Library CEO Chris Woodrow said a new bedbug policy is being drawn up to control the pests.

"It will direct staff on how to deal with it. It will also put in place regular monthly maintenance, both for central library and our branches," he said. "Hopefully, we do alleviate the problem totally. If it does occur again, we're in a position to better deal with it."

Bedbugs have been spotted at the downtown library in Windsor.

The insects were first discovered late last month in a literacy training room.

A woman suggested she may have brought in a bug from home.

Acting CEO Chris Woodrow said the room in question was sealed and exterminators, carpet and upholstery cleaners were called.

Exterminators took care of the issue, Woodrow said.

But on Oct. 19, there was another bedbug sighting at the branch. It was on the second floor.

Woodrow said the areas were treated with environmentally-safe residue spray.

Woodrow simply wants to keep library patrons informed.

"If I were in their place and were going shopping or going to the movies or somewhere like that, and there had been a problem, I think that I would like to know about it. So our decision was to be totally open about it," Woodrow said.

Woodrow would like all library visitors to alert staff right away if they see any more bugs crawling around.

He said this incident is not unique to Windsor; other libraries have experienced similar problems.