The City of Windsor is preparing for a winter storm, predicted to hit the city sometime on Friday night and Saturday morning.

Mike Palanacki, the city’s executive director of operations, said he doesn't expect as much snow to fall as is being predicted by Canadian forecasters.

“We look at different sources for our information. We depend primarily on the American weather stations that are sometimes more accurate than Environment Canada,” Palanacki said.

According to Environment Canada, a total of 10-15 cm of snow is possible for Southwestern and South Central Ontario by Saturday night.

“It looks like we’ll get anywhere from 2-7 cm and up to 10,” Palanacki said.

The city will plow residential roads only when eight centimetres of snow has fallen. Twenty-one primary routes come before residential streets.

 “The probability is that it won’t be a major snowfall but the first real snowfall of the year,” Palanacki said. “Our crews are in a good state of preparedness. We have lots of salt. We’re not anticipating major issues.”

Palanacki is asking residents to wait for the snowplow to go by before shovelling driveways because plows often push snow back into driveways.

He’s also asking drivers to take it slow Saturday morning and delay trips if they can.