The Windsor Police Association has filed a complaint to the Ontario Civilian Police Commission about police services board chair Mayor Eddie Francis.

It ultimately wants the mayor removed from the board.

In the complaint, Ed Parent, chief administrative officer of the Windsor Police Association, writes that "Francis has made disparaging comments about the integrity of the Windsor Police Service and has criticized the processes for professional disciplinary hearings."

Parent also alleges Francis has "violated the code of conduct for members of the police services board."

"Mayor Francis' conduct has attributed to the discredit, and compromised integrity, of the Windsor Police Service," Parent wrote."

Parent calls on the commission to conduct an investigation into the mayor’s conduct as chair. He said the commission has "ample grounds" to do so.

Parent also takes issue with the chair's attendance and said the mayor has missed all or parts of more than half the board's meetings since 2010.

Police board vice president Toni Scislowski described the letter as "frivolous."

Parent also filed a copy of the complaint to acting Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick on Friday. He then passed it onto Francis who notified the board, which met early Monday to review the complaint.

"Overall, the board didn't feel there was an issue of great concern. These missed meetings have been tabled before," she said. "We make decisions and the mayor is kept abreast. He’s very well aware of what going on.

"The chair doesn’t vote. It’s the board members make decision."

The board is now seeking legal advice, Scislowski said.

She's not sure why the association raised it's concerns now. The complaint comes during contract negotiations and while the police board is looking for a chief and still dealing with the David Van Buskirk case.

"It’s concerning. This adds to muddying the waters," Scislowski said. "There’s so much happening right now at the board. We’re trying to do the right thing ... and this comes along. It’s disheartening."