Windsor police have 49 tasers

(Courtesy Taser International Inc.)

Statistics released by Windsor police on Thursday show the use of tasers is on the rise.

They were used twenty-one times in 2013. Police used tasers twelve times in 2012.

Police Chief Al Fredrick said tasers are becoming an effective tool when officers try to gain control of a person.

"As officers become more familiar with [using tasers] you can see they've used other use of force options less and the tasers more. So it's kind of a balancing act", said Frederick.

In January police bought 25 new tasers at a cost of $100 000. That price included training officers to use them. Windsor police now have 49 tasers and by April two hundred officers will have been trained to use them.

Statistics also show officers drew their handguns more than 100 times last year. 

Frederick said officers draw their guns in response to calls involving the threat of weapons, officer safety, or safety of the public.

Police discharged their firearms twice as much in 2013 as in the previous year. The guns were fired to put down injured animals.