Windsor police say arsons are "way up" from last year and investigators claim there are many factors at play.

Last Thursday Aug. 22 an abandoned home on Benjamin Avenue went up in flames and last Wednesday Aug. 21 four cars were set on fire with gasoline and flares at a used car lot on Tecumseh Road East.

Windsor Police Det. Glen Gervais says a serial arsonist may be setting multiple fires, but something as simple as the weather could mean people are out, and possibly causing trouble.

"When we had that rainy span there in end of June, early July, our arsons just went right down.  We had a period of two to three weeks when we didn't have anything.  And then all of a sudden the weather gets nice again and we have kids out partying," said Gervais.

He says insurance fraud arsons are also common when the economy is down.

"It's well-known throughout North America, that when the economy is down, that there tends to be more arsons. The insurance frauds tend to go up, and in some cases, we've seen that," Gervais said.

But sometimes the public can be too quick to point fingers as was illustrated by the fire a month ago on Dougall Avenue where three teenagers were arrested.

"That owner of that property had to fight off a lot of allegations simply because people thought maybe the building project isn't going well. Maybe I'll burn it to get extra money, that wasn't the case at all," according to Gervais.