Windsor police will be looking closely for motorists who run red lights and stop signs next week.

Fifty-seven per cent of accidents in the city in 2012 were what police call "intersection-related."

So far this year, the number of accidents is up nine per cent over last year.

The top 25 accident prone intersections in the city will be targeted.

The most accident prone intersections include:

  1. County Road 42 and Lauzon Parkway.
  2. Central Avenue and the E.C. Row Expressway eastbound on ramp
  3. Pelissier Street and Wyandotte Street.
  4. Goyeau Street and Wyandotte Street.
  5. Banwell Road and E.C. Row Expressway

Police will also be looking for drivers who make rolling stops as well as improper turns and those who fail to signal or stop completely.

"There is a known correlation between increased enforcement and reduction of traffic accidents," Windsor police spokesperson Sgt. Matt D'asti said in a media release. "We encourage people to be patient and courteous when driving. That few seconds that you would save by running a light or stop sign is not worth the potential pain, grief, health problems and expense that can result from an accident."