A Windsor police officer found guilty of assault has been sentenced to one-year probation and no jail time.

Conditions of Kent Rice's probation include 60 hours of community service.

Justice Donald Downie handed down his sentence Wednesday just after noon.

Rice, 41, assaulted Gladson Chinyangwa in the stairwell of a housing complex last February.

Surveillance video shows Rice hitting Chinyangwa and then kicking him, twice, while on the ground.

Chinyangwa, who is black, supplied the crown with a victim impact statement Tuesday prior to sentencing.

“I feel like I was centred out because of my race and creed,” Chinyangwa said in his statement. “I no longer feel safe in the city because I feel this police department is out to get me.”

Chinyangwa said he is mentally and physically “scarred for life” and always feels like he’s being followed.

Rice's lawyer Andrew Bradie was seeking a conditional discharge.

He said his client is an exceptional officer and person and read from a stack of more than 75 letters written by people who agree.

Bradie said Rice was a part of the Windsor Police Service’s Values, Influences and Peers Program and is coach of his son’s hockey team.

Rice will next face a Police Act hearing.

Rice made a statement in court late Tuesday.

"I'm sorry this event has cast a shadow over the Windsor Police Service," he told the court. "I'm sorry this event has tainted the reputation of the city of Windsor."