A Windsor police officer has been arrested after a two-month long internal investigation initiated by the Windsor Police Service.

Windsor police say the officer was off duty arrested entering the U.S. from Windsor on Saturday.

Constable David Bshouty was allegedly trying to smuggle about three grams of cocaine into the United States.

Bshouty is charged with felony possession of a controlled substance

Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick said the incident is extremely disappointing and has angered the entire police service.

"We are frustrated, and we will not tolerate criminal behaviour or selfish actions. This investigation is a reflection on the Windsor Police Service, holding our people to account, peer to peer," Frederick said.

The investigation of Bshouty began in early February. He has been suspended with pay.

Bshouty has worked patrol since joining the force as a cadet five years ago.

"The response to this conduct is indicative of the commitment and professionalism and the values of the men and women of the Windsor Police Service on behalf of our community," Frederick said. "We are all angered in disbelief by these allegations."

None of the charges has been proven in court.