Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital has the shortest wait times for CT scans in Ontario.

Those seeking a CT scan usually wait about one week, which has significantly improved from the eight week wait times in the past.

Patients typically wait about four weeks to get an MRI, which is the second shortest wait time in the province.

Dr. Brigitte Ala is Hotel Dieu's lead radiologist and gives partial credit to an improved work flow.

"It's not reasonable to wait a long time if you have a medical problem," said Ala. "It increases anxiety, potentially it makes the condition worse, so we're really thrilled to be able to offer timely access to patients."

The hospital also says patients can get a digital mammogram within two weeks, half the previous wait time.

The purchase of digital mammography equipment two years ago helped speed up wait times because it's much faster than film.

"The nice thing about digital is we actually see the images come up almost immediately so if there's a problem with the images, either it's inadequate or it needs to be repeated, we know it can be done immediately," said Ala.

The machine also has a higher likelihood of detecting cancer.

The hospital said it performed 3,300 mammograms in 2011 and is aiming for 5,000 this year.

The International Dragon Boat races donated $50,000 Tuesday to help cover the costs of the equipment.