Muslims in Windsor observing Ramadan are attempting to add a new tradition to a time honoured religious observation.

The holy month of Ramadan began Sunday. It's a time for special prayers, blessings and fasting.

For Windsor's Muslim youth, it's also a chance to spread a little happiness.

A group has started Ramadan Acts of Kindness.

Lina Shaker is one of the young women behind the idea.

All month, she'll be helping hundreds of young Muslims make the City of Roses a little bit rosier.

"During the event, basically the idea is to have a random act of kindness every day throughout Ramadan," she said. "So some could be biking or walking to the Mosque, or cooking dinner for your family."

It's a simple enough plan but it will take some real coordination.

Shaker will use technology and social media to spread the kindness.

Shaker and fellow organizers will be sending and out ideas for random acts over each of the next 30 days.

"We find that Facebook, Twitter and all these social media outlets, they play a huge part in reaching out to the younger generations," Sheza Khurshid said.

On the weekend, they were handing out flowers to strangers near Riverside Drive.

The carnation bouquets will come bundled with positive messages.

"We definitely just want to get out the word about what Ramadan is and what it means to Muslims, because it is definitely the happiest time of year for us and we love to spread that joy and that happiness throughout the community regardless of faith," Khurshid said.