A 32-year-old Windsor man, who was impersonating a doctor, pleaded guilty to seven charges on Monday. 

Darko Jovanovich was charged by Windsor police in March.

Originally, the investigation began with the discovery of a $15,000 payment to a furniture company, which was eventually determined to be to fraudulent.

As part of that investigation, police searched a home in east Windsor, seized the furniture, and returned it to the store.

Later, through interviews conducted during the furniture investigation, police determined the same man was posing as a medical doctor with practising privileges at hospitals in the United States.

Jovanovich's lawyer, Frank Retar, said his client is remorseful and is a seeing a doctor and taking medication.

"He [Jovanovich] was caught in almost what I would say is some form of psychosis or something. That he was almost incapable of stopping of living the double life that he lived," said Retar.

Fifteen other charges against Jovanovich were dropped.

Jovanovich has been remanded into custody until his sentencing on June 26th.