Windsor Public Library entrance

The Windsor Public Library will spend approximately $19,000 to install 18 cameras to help stop theft. (CBC File Photo)

The Windsor Public Library will beef up surveillance central library branch on Ouellette Avenue.

The library will spend approximately $19,000 to install 18 cameras.

Acting CEO Chris Woodrow said the cameras are being installed to help stop the theft of DVDs, CDs and books.

"We do have materials that walk away, so as part of the whole security component, we're putting a surveillance system in place that will be monitored by the security company that we have in here," Woodrow said.

All the surveillance equipment is portable and can be moved when the central library branch relocates.

Meanwhile, Money has been included in the library's $8-million budget for a new branch at Devonshire Mall.

Woodrow is planning to meet with Devonshire Mall officials in the coming weeks. He wants to start discussions about opening a new branch at the mall.

Woodrow hopes it can be operating sometime this year:

"It's all contingent on space being available," Woodrow said.