The Windsor International Film Festival has a new executive director.

Peter Coady has decided it's time to let someone younger lead the way into the future.

Coady's announcement at the conclusion of the film festival Sunday night caught some people by surprise.

"It was not an easy decision, really. In fact,there was a lot of vacillation, back and forth," Coady said. "At one point, I've said, 'no, you can do it. Keep going.' Some people said, 'stick around for the 10th, as executive director.'

"It's funny I mentioned on stage I have a birthday on Nov. thirrd, and for the last nine years, I've never really celebrated a birthday so next year maybe I'll think a little more about celebrating that birthday."

The film festival has gained an international following during its nine years.

The number of screenings has increased, as has the size of the crowds.

When it first started, a few thousand attended. That grew to this year's record of 14,000.

Vincent Georgie is the new executive director. He was serving as the festival's marketing director. Georgie's been a board member since 2009

He said he has some big shoes to fill:

"He has been so generous in teaching me so many of the pieces that I knew nothing about," Georgie said.
Georgie is pleased Coady will remain with the film fest in a supporting role.

He said his assistance will come in handy in planning for next year's 10th anniversary celebrations.