The Windsor International Film Festival is going high-tech for 2012 and show all its film in digital formats.

Executive director Peter Coady says it's a big difference from the old, bulky film reels. He said new equipment is "about the size of a small car radio."

"Basically the film arrives to us in the form of a small hard drive. We pop it into a server and we're given a special code that allows us to screen that film once or twice, if we are double screening it," he explained.

The WIFF kicks off tonight with its premiere film at 7 p.m. at the Capitol Theatre on University Avenue.

The premiere is a Canadian documentary, The World Before Her.

The movie explores the lives of two young women in a changing India. Coady said it was time to do something different on the first night.

"I thought it was very very topical and I thought it was time to step out of our little box, our little pattern, and go with a documentary.and documentaries are pretty hot these days," he said.

The film's director will be on hand for a question-and-answer period after the movie

The festival continues through Sunday night.