WIFF Film Projector

The Windsor International Film Festival is expanding. (CBC News)

The Windsor International Film Festival announced on Tuesday it is expanding, from five to six days.

Marketing director and programmer Vincent Georgie said 65 films will be screened at the Capitol Theatre.

"I think it speaks to this community and speaks to the audience that has an appetite for great, amazing, funny and interesting films.  It speaks to people's interest in loving films," Georgie said.

Last year, an average pass holder saw 17 films, according to Georgie.

"The appetite is huge and we just love doing it," he said.

Georgie said 14 of this year's films are Canadian features, documentaries and short films.

"Five films this year that we'll be featuring have already been submitted by their home countries for the Academy Awards in 2014.  We're very pleased to have them," Georgie said.

Those countries are Canada, Belgium, Hong Kong, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

The festival runs from Nov. 5-10.

This year's opening night film on Nov. 5 is Gabrielle. It's directed by Louise Archambault. It is Canada's submission for the Academy Awards this year.

"This tells the story of a young woman living with Willms Disease, who seeks to have an independent life, a sexual life and intellectual life at the restraints of her family and society and the struggles that come with that," Georgie said.