For the first time Canadian officials have met with the Mayor of River Rouge, Mich., and the manufacturer U.S. Steel, about the mysterious Windsor Hum.

People living in west and south Windsor and the neighbouring town of LaSalle have complained about a rumbling and humming noise for more than three years.

The Windsor Hum, as it's known, has been described as sounding like an idling locomotive, a transport truck and running refrigerator.

Residents complain about sleepless nights, rattling windows and headaches.

Essex Conservative MP Jeff Watson said initial talks have occurred between the Canadian Consul General in Detroit and the Mayor of River Rouge and officials with U.S. Steel.

"Goodwill is being established. As I said this is the first time U.S. Steel has been directly engaged in the process, as well," Watson said. "So these are beginning talks. I expect there will be subsequent follow up discussions and more stakeholders as time passes through the summer and the fall."

In May Watson released the results of a federally funded report studying the source of the hum. That report indicated the source of the hum could be coming from Zug Island. 

However, the study took place on the Canadian side of the Detroit River. At the time the researchers said more time, and co-operation with officials on the U.S. side, would be needed to determine exactly what is causing the Windsor Hum.

Watson said what happens next is really a matter for the Americans to decide.

"The goal of the government of Canada in this, at the end of the day, is to determine if there will be a U.S. agency to take the lead in a scientific study done on U.S. soil, to overcome the limitations of the Canadian study."