Despite the fact that Windsor's Health Unit has issued a caution advisory against travelling to West Africa, health officials in the city say they're prepared for infectious diseases like Ebola. 

The advisory comes after two North Americans contracted Ebola while in Africa.

With help from the the Public Health Agency of Canada, and the Centre for Disease Control in America, Windsor Regional Hospital officials say they have a system in place. 

"What we do is we take that guidance and we customize it so that it's specific to what would happen with our patient population here in Windsor Regional or with the resources we have here that are available," said Erika Vitale, Manager of Infection Prevention and Control at Windsor's Regional Hospital. 

Health officials have said Canadian hospitals are prepared for infectious diseases and have the appropriate tools to deal with them. 

Patients who have travelled to West Africa and feel ill with sudden fever, chills or cough will be treated immediately.

"Placed in a room known as an airborne infections isolation room, so it's  a special room that has negative pressure to allow none of the air to get out into the hallway," said Vitale.

Visitors will also be restricted. 

"Have a security guard outside the room who would be documenting all people entering the room, the reason why they're entering and their contact information," she said.

The Health Unit advisory applies until Sept. 5, but officials said it's likely to be extended.