When it comes to the quality of patient care, hospitals in Windsor-Essex are neither among the best or worst in the country.

CBC's the fifth estate conducted a nationwide study. Based on statistics looking at patient deaths and complications after a patient is treated, Windsor Regional Hospital scored a B and Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital scored a C, which, according to the methodology is below average.

The study examined 239 Canadian hospitals. Thirty-one hospitals scored an A or A+, while 41 received a C rating. Nine hospitals received a D.

David Musyj is the CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital, which earned a B.

"As an institution, we're not pleased with just being average. We feel we're better than average and we can do a lot better," Musyj said.

Musyj said his hospital used to rank poorly.

Both Windsor hospitals underwent a structural overhaul a few years ago when they ranked well below average on patient mortality.

Musyj said he and his staff have since focussed on improving.

"We had to get better clinically and financially," he said. "It was a whole team effort [to] energize the organization. It started getting momentum, and it's getting better day by day. Everyone jumped on."

Musyj is somewhat pleased by the most recent survey's results.

"If you would have did this report five or six years ago, I bet you we would have been a C or a D," he said. "We have made dramatic movement as an organization to get where we're at.

"Maybe next time we'll be at an A or A+. I'm confident we'll get there."

Also scoring B grades in the region were: the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance and Bluewater Health in Sarnia.

There are C grades for Hôtel-Dieu Grace and the Leamington hospital.

A grade of C is defined as "outcomes below that of a typical hospital of the same size."