A Windsor group is once again on a mission to help those affected by extreme weather.

Windsor Lifeline Outreach is gathering donations for flood victims in southern Alberta.

Dennis Sauve, Windsor Lifeline Outreach director, said 9,000 kilograms of food has already been collected to date for Calgary food banks, and they are hoping to double that by the time the truck leaves Windsor on Monday.

"We're hoping in the next couple of days to acquire the rest of the food," Sauve said. "We're looking at greenhouses that can help us out and put some fresh produce on the trailer."

ADT Transportation from Leamington has donated a tractor-trailer for transporting the goods.

Last month, the group gathered more than 20,000 kilograms of donated goods for the victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes.

Devastating tornadoes

A tornado three-kilometres wide ripped through Moore on May 20.

The twister killed 24 people and injured close to 400. It destroyed 1,200 homes and damaged another 10,000.

"To us, there's no borders, Sauve said. "People are in need of help all over."

Economists say flooding in Alberta will cost Calgary‚Äôs economy billions of dollars and affect the Canadian economy as a whole.

Although the precise economic damage caused by the flooding is hard to measure, economists say it will be widespread and long-lasting.

One estimate from BMO Capital Markets is that Canada's GDP will be reduced by $2 billion as a direct result of the floods

"In these particular disasters like Oklahoma and the flooding in Calgary, we just feel the need to step up and come to bat for these people," Sauve said.