Windsor Express CEO Dartis Willis says the team will work something out with their late rent payment to the WFCU Centre. (Courtesy Windsor Express)

The Windsor Express is behind on its payments.

The team owes the city nearly $20,000 in rent to play at the WFCU Centre.

The president of the team, Dartis Willis, and Windsor's commissioner of development and health met today to discuss the payment.

Jelena Payne said the meeting went well.

"It's just that the balance had gotten a bit too high for our comfort level and it's my job at the city to mitigate risk," she said. "They made a significant dent in the balance and hopefully the matter will be resolved sooner rather than later."

Dartis Willis said something can be worked out to keep the team playing at the WFCU.

"You know we have some commitments with the WFCU," he said. "They've been good partners this year and I watch the team. They do a good job, just all of them."

"There had been several games that had gone by and the city had not received anything from Express Basketball," said Payne. "It was more getting a comfort level that regular payment would be made and ongoing moving forward throughout the rest of the season."

She said the Express is now required to make a payment after each game.