Windsor Express asks city to amend contract, again

The Windsor Express and city administration have three weeks to come up with some creative ideas to cover the basketball team's costs next season.

Team asking city to waive $115 K yearly facility rental fee

The Windsor Express is asking the city to help cover costs for the next three years. (Kevin Jarold Photography/Windsor Express/Facebook)

The Windsor Express and city administration have three weeks to come up with some creative ideas to cover the basketball team's costs next season.

The team is asking the city for a three-year deal, which would include having rental fees at the WFCU Centre waived. 

The fees add up to a total of $115,000 a year. 

In February the team was nearly $20,000 behind in rent at the facility, and was then asked to make a payment after every game. 

In 2013, council approved a request to amend the terms it had previously negotiated with the team, which included:

  • a reduction of the game fee from $4,530 per game to $4,030 per game
  • 50 per cent of the city's portion of net concession sales, 
  • the elimination or the $1 ticket surcharge on all complimentary tickets

This modified agreement cost the city approximately $30,000 in lost revenues. 

The team is again asking the city to renegotiate their agreement. 

"It's further than just asking for a particular credit but how we'll pay for that," said Dartis Willis, Express CEO. "There's money already allocated in several different areas that can be directed towards what we're doing. So I think if we go back and sit down maybe we'll come up with something."

Some of the other things the team is asking for in the new agreement include a permanent dressing rooms and office at the WFCU, for the city to upgrade the sound system, to provide practice space and provide permanent advertising for the team. 

Council currently has four options on how to proceed — it will make a decision at the next council meeting on Aug. 25.

1. Revert to original 2012/13 agreement

  • $4,530 per game fee.
  • City retains all concession sales.
  • No surcharge on a maximum of 150 complimentary tickets.

2. Continue to operate under 2013/14 agreement 

  • $4,030 per game fee.
  • 50 per cent off the City's portion of the net concession sales to the team.
  • No surcharge on any complimentary tickets.

3. Grant new terms requested by team

  • Team is requesting $115,000 annual credit.
  • City would lose money operating despite retaining all concession revenue.
  • No surcharge on any complimentary tickets.

4. Council to amend 

  • Council can identify specific terms and conditions it wishes to have incorporated into agreement.


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