Wine from Windsor-Essex is becoming increasingly popular in one of the world's fastest growing economies - China.

Exports to the country are growing and some local wineries are setting up entire stores there.

Everett de Jong has managed the the exports for Pelee Island Winery for more than a decade.

"In Hunan province alone, there's 125 million people and that's just one, so that's what, three times, four times the size of Canada," said de Jong. "So I mean there's so many opportunities there. The biggest thing is establishing yourself the first time, you only get that chance to make a mistake once, so try to get all your ducks in a row and find the right partner."

He said wine culture is fairly new in China, so wine snobbery isn't an issue.

People in China like wine from Canada as much as wine from France or Argentina, de Jong said.

"Not everyone can travel to Canada, but at night everyone can have a glass of wine from Canada and say they are fresh, they are clean, they are honest," said de Jong.

About 20 per cent of his wine sold in China is through his stores, he said, and the other 80 per cent is through clients, such as businesses giving gifts of wine to their employees.

Cabernet Franco is one of Pelee Island's most popular brands in China. In Canada it's priced at $12 per bottle and in China it's around $30 each. 

Pelee Island Winery already has seven retail stores and is looking to open more in Shanghai and Beijing.