There are 16 plaintiffs in Windsor-Essex who have filed a class action lawsuit against GM regarding a defect in small cars that has been linked to 13 deaths in the United States.

The defect has to do with the ignition switch, which can suddenly turn off the vehicle.

The company reportedly knew about the issue 11 years ago.

Nine plaintiffs met Monday afternoon and all were upset about how GM has handed the situation.

They said they fear for their safety behind the wheel and are calling for action.

"Before we knew about it, you didn't think about it," said Stacey Green, who owns a Saturn Ion. "You just got in your car and went. Now it's always on your mind every time you start your car, every time you are driving somewhere."

The Windsor-Essex lawsuit is one of several launched.following GM's recent recall of 2.6 million vehicles worldwide.

The 16 plaintiffs say they have not experienced problems with their vehicles but their lawyer, Harvey Strosberg, said that's not the point.

"We say that the conduct of GM and GMC was arrogant, high-handed, outrageous, reckless, entirely without care," said Strosberg.

GM's CEO Mary Barra will testify before a Congressional subcommittee about the situation Tuesday.

In the meantime Barra tried to calm consumer concerns.

"The GM engineers have done extensive analysis to make sure that if you only have the key or the key on only the ring that the vehicle is safe to drive," Barra said in an online video.