According to Environment Canada there's a new rainfall record in Windsor-Essex, with 73.6 millimetres of water having fallen Monday evening. 

The previous Aug. 11 record was at 39 millimetres of rain in 1964. 

"The storms are slow moving," said Arnold Ashton, a senior meteorologist with Environment Canada. "I mean the low pressure in and out itself was fairly slow moving so it's just a recipe for significant rainfall when you get this sort of thing happening."

All the rain has flooded some basements and yards in the city. 

"It's a pretty serious rainfall event if I look at the numbers we got," said Mario Sonego, engineer with the City of Windsor. "We got several rain guages throughout the city, so across the city we got a low of 55 mm of rain to a high of 92 mm. So, that's some 2-4 inches," he said. 

Sonego is encouraging residents with flooded basements to call 311. 

Keep your umbrella close, Ashton said there could another 20-30 millimetres or rain fall in the area Tuesday.