Mark Luvisotto

Dr. Mark Luvisotto, shows off some of the Halloween candy his patients brought in Tuesday night. (Alex Brockman/CBC)

A Windsor dentist bought back almost 50 kilograms of candy from his young patients this Halloween.

Dr. Mark Luvisotto decided to buy back the candy for about $2 per kilogram after hearing about similar programs in the United States. Now that he's collected the candy, he'll be getting it ready to send to Canadian soldiers serving overseas.

"Everyone agreed there was an overabundance of candy this time of year. A lot of it goes to waste," Luvisotto said.

"It was a good event and I'm looking to double or triple that amount next year," he said.

It's not certain when the candy will actually get to the troops, but Luvisotto thinks they'll probably be getting it in a few weeks.

An estimated 30 or 40 kids and their parents came out to Luvisotto's office Tuesday night. They  handed in their candy, got some healthy snacks and took home some cold hard cash.

Since the response has been so positive, anyone wanting to participate can drop off any unwanted candy at Luvisotto's office on Walker Road until Friday.