The Ontario government has proposed new laws that could improve cycling safety, and cyclists in Windsor are watching carefully to see what politicians decide.

Currently, all motorists have to do when they pass cyclists is leave "sufficient space."

The proposed legislation would make it mandatory for motorists to leave a meter between them and cyclists.

"The freedom to get out there and just enjoy the environment; it provides me with a bit of stress relief," said Tony Chau, a Windsorite who gets around by bike.

Last year, he was blindsided at a roundabout on his bike.

"I was off for a few days," said Chau, who hurt his neck in the accident and broke a tooth.

Cycling shops hear similar stories all the time

"It's not just for sport or recreational means anymore," said Robert Parent, the owner of Ambassador Bikes.

The Office of the Chief Coroner for Ontario carried out a review of cycling deaths and has recommended a one meter passing distance.

"I would think that it's going to be hard to enforce," said Parent. "But again that's something that needs to be enforced for sure."

If the law passes, the penalty would mean a fine of up to a $1000 and two or three demerit points.

This proposed legislation could be abandoned with all other bills if a spring election is called.