Climate change is altering Windsor's weather patterns.

The city experienced the hottest summer on record a few years ago and recently there have been torrential downpours resulting in flooded basements.

In an effort to respond to the changes, environment and transportation committee has approved a draft climate change adaptation plan.

"We know climate change is happening and we have to plan for it," committee chair Coun. Percy Hatfield said.

Hatfield said the city needs more rain water retention ponds, an increased storm sewer system, more shade and should even considering starting sporting events later in the evening.

He also said shipping along the Detroit River and Great Lakes could be affected.

"We're on top of the curve in Windsor. We're out in front on it, getting an adaptation plan together, but it tells us, with the rising temperature, there are going to be impacts," Hatfield said. "The lake levels are going to go down. That means you have to dredge the shipping channel or else you have to drop the loads of the ships going past in the channel. So that impacts on business."

The plan goes to city council for its review and approval.