The nurses who work at the Fiat Chrysler assembly plant in Windsor have "overwhelmingly" ratified a new contract, according to their union.

Ontario Nurses Association Vice-President Vicki McKenna said the nurses managed to make small "gains" through negotiation.

"They were able to achieve certainly more stability for those nurses who aren't considered full-time or permanent, even though they seem to be, and also some substantive salary increases in that classification because they've been frozen at a salary rate upon hire," she said.

McKenna says there were also some improvements to benefits, but newly-hired nurses at the factory will be part of a less-lucrative pension plan.


Vicki McKenna, vice-president of the Ontario Nursing Association. (CBC)

The registered nurse said the healthcare providers at the plant have an important job caring for the "small town" of 6,500 people who work there.

"They provide day to day health care services, they're on the floor, they have emergency services, they've even delivered a baby there," she said.

The agreement runs through 2020.