Swimming at Windsor's six outdoor pools has been cancelled Monday afternoon to avoid putting people in the path of temptation when it comes to watching the solar eclipse.

"We know how hard it would be for people not to look up to see what's happening," said aquatic manager Jennifer Knights. "They obviously wouldn't be wearing solar safe eyewear, so rather than risk someone injuring their eyes we feel it's better to just cancel the outdoor afternoon swimming on Monday."

A minimum level of light must be present to ensure lifeguards can monitor the safety of swimmers, she added, meaning low light during the eclipse could present another possible safety hazard.

The near-total eclipse will occur between 1 p.m. and 3:45 p.m. and is the first for the area since 1979, according to a media release from the city.

The outdoor swimming schedule will continue as usual Monday morning and indoor programs won't be affected by the eclipse. Swimming hours will return to normal Tuesday.

Staff in LaSalle and Tecumseh have also cancelled afternoon swims during the eclipse.