Owen Woytowich, 9, understands the concept of paying it forward.

A few years ago, his father temporarily lost his job and the family was worried Woytowich would have to miss the hockey season.

"We sat down with Owen and explained how much it costs for him to play hockey, especially travel hockey. He got the idea that this is hard, this is not easy for parents," said Woytowich's father, Jeff Laframbroise. "So that's when he started thinking about maybe I could do things for other kids."

Woytowich collects donations, so other kids can have a chance to play organized sports.

This is the fourth year Woytowich has raised money for ASSIST, a charity that helps underprivileged children register for minor sports.

"Around here there's a lot of people that ... don't play hockey but they want to," Woytowich said.
Woytowich was only six years old when he started collecting pledges for the annual ASSIST skateathon.

Neighbour Mary Zytynski didn't hesitate to give Owen a donation when he came door knocking on a pledge drive.

"He sees that there are other kids who want to play and yet they don't have the means to do what he's doing and he's trying to help them out and I think that's wonderful," Zytynski said.

Laframbroise says his son works hard for the donations.

"He does a lot. We live on a fairly large block and he goes up and down our street on both sides, one street on either side of us, both sides," Laframbroise said. "And then he goes to grandma's house and goes all the way around grandma's house."

In addition to getting pledges for the skateathon, Owen has also started shoveling driveways. And all the money he makes goes to ASSIST.

Last year, Woytowich raised $418. This year, he's cleared $500.