The number of passengers travelling through Windsor's airport has soared since 2008.

Windsor International Airport CEO Federica Nazzani said passenger traffic is up from 96,000 in 2008 to 250,000 per year in 2012.

"We've increased the capacity of the airport and the number of destinations," said Nazzani.

In the past four years the airport has seen the arrival of three new carriers.

Sunwing Airlines flew into town in 2008, WestJet turned up in 2010 and Porter Airlines arrived in 2011.

"There's a very strong correlation of air travel to the economy and the economic health of the region," said Nazzani. "More people are flying and it's become much more affordable with competition in the marketplace."

Nazzani predicts passenger traffic will continue to take off by adding additional flights with new and existing carriers.

"We're very much focused on adding more frequency, more direct non-stop service to markets in the Caribbean, South Florida, parts of the U.S. and Europe," said Nazzani.

Nazzani said the airport's revenue has increased by approximately $1 million since 2008.

"We're reinvesting in additional jobs at the airport," said Nazzani. "We're reinvesting in infrastructure and making sure that we continue to remain competitive, target the right markets and that we focus on economic diversification for the airport and the region."

The positive economic spinoff from the airport will make local businesses in Windsor more accessible, Nazzani said.

"Giving opportunities for Windsor to highlight itself as a destination so it becomes affordable for people to fly here," said Nazzani.

Nazzani said July was the strongest month in the last 10 years. Roughly 25,000 passengers flew through the airport.

Aging infrastructure may hinder growth as the airport is handling 250,000 people this year with a capacity of 400,000 passengers.

"We've certainly had some growing pains," said Nazzani.

"As we start to approach that capacity, we will have to start making decisions about what we do to reinvest in the terminal," said Nazzani.

Nazzani said Windsor airport is retaining about 14 per cent of flyers in the regional market.

But, she said, about 44 per cent of people who fly are travelling to Toronto for departure.

While 37 per cent use Detroit as their airport of choice, she added.

"Cost plays a big factor," said Nazzani.

She said Windsor's airport may have identical fares, but the taxes are about $50 higher per ticket in Canada compared to a U.S. airport.

"We have to work with our government in looking at how we better address the tax situation," said Nazzani.