Dozens of protestors are refusing to concede defeat to the City of Windsor at Willistead Park.

They object to wider paved pathways and staged a demonstration Saturday, asking city council to reverse its decision.

Sarah Venney organized the walk.

"We just want it preserved. It's a heritage park. My dream is for it to look 100 years from now, the same as how it looks now and how it looked 100 years ago," she said. "I think the park should be preserved anesthetically as close as possible. It should look like the grounds of a manor house."

Last fall, the protestors succeeded in delaying the work, but the city plans to go ahead this spring.

One of the reasons the city opted for wider pathways is so maintenance crews can make their way through the park more easily.

Gerry Pouget has lived in the area for 20 years. He believes city council made the decision for the wrong reasons.

"It was made for commercial uses, like Art in the Park, for instance, and I believe that the city is going to try and encourage other activities to come into the park," he claimed.