Asphalt will be poured at Willistead Park in Windsor this spring.

City council voted 7-3 in favour of a plan to widen and expand the paths at the heritage park.

After hours of debate and discussion, Coun. Drew Dilkens made a motion to follow administration's recommendations, which included 10-feet wide asphalt paths.

The main reason for the widened asphalt paths is to accommodate those with accessibility issues. Standards the province requires be implemented by 2016.

"I do want to see the park evolve. I don't want this park to look the way it is today 100 years from now," Dilkens said. "It changes to meet the needs of users at that time."

Some people in the neighbourhood have been opposed to plan every step of the way since last fall.

Howard Weeks is with the Save Willistead group, which has fought the change for months.

"You go to a park to get away from asphalt and to get away from pavement, not to just find more of it," Weeks said. "If you're going to do something as important as this, what we were suggesting is that we have more consultations, that we sit down, that we have more meetings with experts, [with] all the stakeholders, the accessibility people."

Phil Cowan is chair of Art in the Park, an annual event held at Willistead. He agrees with council.

"My parents celebrated their 60th anniversary there. We had an event at the manor," he said. "My mother, who was using a walker, wanted to go for a walk around the park. She wasn't able to go very far because of the lack of pathways."

The project will cost the city $400,000.