The City of Windsor promised Tuesday to stop all work on pathways at Willistead Manor until a public meeting can be held in a few weeks.

The decision was in response to a small group of people who showed up on site Tuesday to protest the work.

"Because of this demonstration today — and I certainly give the citizens credit, they are passionate about this park — we're going to have a meeting in a couple of weeks," Coun. Alan Halberstadt said. "We'll air it all and everybody can have their say."

However, drainage work around the heritage house will continue.

Protesters are fine with the drainage, but not with pathways. A paved path would be three metres, or 10 feet, wide. They want an interlocking path that would be about two metres, or six feet, wide.

They said Willistead Manor is a green park and that it doesn't need paved pathways, which protesters say will be too wide.

The city said it's more accessible and cheaper to pave the pathways instead of using brick.

The total cost of project, with paving and drainage, is $400,000.

However, that cost could rise if protesters get their way.  They want historically accurate brick paths put in, which would raise the cost to about $1 million.

Halberstadt said the project would have to go back to council to approve extra cost.

"I've been told by John Miceli, the general manager, that there will be no final decision on the width of the paths and the material in the path until at least until after we have this meeting," Halberstadt said.