West end high school threatened to close

Forster High School in west Windsor is threatened with closure in less than two years.

Forester High School recommended to close in June, 2014

Forster High School in west Windsor is threatened with closure in less than two years.

The director of education for the Greater Essex County District School Board recommends the 91-year-old school close in June, 2014.

Forster has been on some sort of "death watch" for years as its enrolment keeps dropping.

Now, it seems the closure is inevitable, and there's no way it will be saved.

Even long-time supporters, such as former teacher John Muir, agree it's time to shut its doors.

"I came to agree that this 91-year-old building is not meeting the needs of if its students," Muir said at a school board meeting Monday night.

But what Muir is not going along with is the recommendation to send Forster students to Century High School.

Neither is Mary Ann Cuderman, the head of the Olde Sandwich Towne Business Improvement Association.

"Now is the time to build a new high school in our community," said Cuderman. "Putting the two diverse populations of Century and Forester together is not a solution that is in the best interest of the students involved."

The school board will deal with the issue on Nov. 19.

On that same night, it will also decide the fate of several schools on the city's east side.

The current recommendation is to convert W.F. Herman Secondary School into a junior kindergarten to Grade 12 facility if the province approves the funding.

Students from Percy P. McCallum Public Elementary School would be brought to Herman, while the McCallum building would become the new home to students who now attend Gordon McGregor Public School.