Walkervilles set to release new album Re-Birth of the Cool

A second album by Windsor band The Walkervilles is soon to be released.

Album recorded at legendary Arlyn Studio in Austin, Texas pays homage to Miles Davis' Birth of the Cool

A second album by Windsor band The Walkervilles is soon to be released. (The Walkervilles/Facebook)

A second album by Windsor band The Walkervilles is soon to be released.

Re-Birth of the Cool was recorded at the legendary Arlyn Studio in Austin, Texas.

Canadian producer Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar) produced the band's newest album.

"His vast knowledge of music is pretty impressive," lead vocalist Pat Robitaille told CBC Windsor Morning host Tony Doucette.

"It was a wild experience," bandmate Stefan Cvetkovic said. "Gordy really, really pushed us to the extreme."

Robitaille said the band wanted to "do something outside of our comfort zone."

He called the experience an exciting one.

"This music is, we feel, is heavily influenced by American music," Robitaille said. "It’s really nice to get over to the States and experience Deep South culture while we were making music."

Robitaille said the new album has an R&B feel.

Mike Hargreaves writes most of the band's songs. He's influenced by Miles Davis, hence the name of the new album.

"Miles Davis' Birth of the Cool is a big influence on him," Robitaille said of Hargreaves. "This album pays homage to this old jazz record he loves and we love as well."

Robitaille said the band recorded without using auto tune and cutting to tape.

"I feel so proud of this. I feel really good about it," he said. "It’s got this element that feels pretty cool."

Finishing touches are still being put on the album. Howie Weinberg, who mastered the likes of the Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill album and Nirvana's Nevermind will master Re-Birth of the Cool.

Sweet to Me Sexy, the first single from their new album made its world radio debut Wednesday on CBC Radio One in Windsor.

The making of Re-Birth of the Cool is being documented by Windsor director Sean McLeod, who has  worked with the band on over a dozen videos. The behind-the-scenes video will be released on the Walkervilles YouTube channel this summer.

This weekend, the band will play the Art Walk and Rock event in Walkerville.

The band doesn't have a record deal with a major label, but they continue to work.

"We feel good enough about it right now to continue moving forward," Cvetkovic said. "Sometimes it gets hard, but we’re fortunate to live in a city that doesn’t cost much to get by."


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