Veteran hand crafts memorial for fellow soldiers

Roger DeGuire has hand crafted 42 wooden soldiers to honour veterans this Remembrance Day.
Roger DeGuire has taken painstaking personal steps to remember his fellow soldiers this Remembrance Day. 1:20

Roger DeGuire is a veteran who served three years in the armed forces.

He never saw action — never left Canada, in fact — but he appreciates what his fellow soldiers, especially those who fought and died for Canada’s freedom.

To honour veterans, he has hand crafted 42 wooden soldiers and Mounties, all holding Canadian flags that flap in the wind on his lawn on St. Luke Road.

DeGuire cuts, sands and paints the figures. The display includes Mounties, female soldiers, Legion members and Knights of Columbus because, as DeGuire said, "they do a lot of Remembrance Day ceremonies."

"I enjoy it. It keeps me out of the wife’s hair," DeGuire said. "It’s for the recognition of all the veterans who served our country."

DeGuire erects the display in an effort to encourage people to remember and to go to the Cenotaph for the Remembrance day ceremonies.

 "If you love your freedom, you thank a vet," DeGuire said. "If you see a vet, don’t be afraid to shake his hand and give him a big thank-you."