Two cars were overturned and home doors and windows smashed during a string of vandalism early Sunday morning near the university.

Windsor Police are searching for four men believed to be involved.

Police said it took place around Randolph Place and Askin Avenue south of Riverside Drive.

The men smashed a screen door, a pickup truck windshield and overturned a car, police said.

Staff Sgt. Steve Bodri said officers ran after the suspects but lost them in the chase, and then overheard more damage being done.

"The officers went back to the sound of the crash and found a Smart car, one of the smaller vehicles you see out there, was rolled onto its side, obviously by these four males," said Bodri.

"There was a party going on nearby, on another street, on askin, and although we couldn't identify the suspects, it's possible they could have been at that party," he said.

Bodri estimates the damage to be more than $5,000.