University of Windsor

UWSA will hold off on adopting its controversial BDS referendum vote. (File Photo)

Students at the University of Windsor will not boycott Israeli goods for now.

Thursday night, the University of Windsor Student Alliance voted to postpone adopting the results of a controversial referendum.

President Rob Crawford said the vote is all about making a statement.

"The results, if adopted by the UWSA, wouldn't be binding on the University of Windsor," he said. "They'd be binding on the University of Windsor Student Alliance, so that would require us to investigate our purchasing practices, and it would also require us to go to the university, and advocate for them to do the same, but it wouldn't be binding on them."

That means the UWSA and all associations under their banner are to follow the boycott.

"I think it's made our campus quite divisive because it is a controversial issue and you have people who are very strong for it, and people who are very against it, and then you have a very large group that just don't want to see the conflict whatsoever," said Crawford.

University president Alan Wildeman has recently written a letter to the students, saying the vote was invalid.

He says there were only 404 valid signatures on the petition submitted to hold the referendum, while 500 are required.

The issue comes before the student alliance again next week.